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You mean I get paid $3,000 to pop sex pills?

After participating at a research facility last October, David (not his real name) can't wait to do it again. His daily routine was a sheer joy -watching TV, and playing pool and video games - which he interrupted every few days to pop "sex pills" to assist in a study to help married males overcome impotency.

  • "It's the best way in America to receive money, easy and fast."
        —Harold B., St Paul, MN
  • "Pocketed $450 just for petting...it's a fun way to pay the bills."
        —Mike M., Baltimore, MD
  • "You get paid in large cash chunks ($550) and no skill is required."
        —Jim H., Oklahoma, OK
  • "Hundreds of my friends are cashing in on this rich supply of activities ... we collected over $2,025 part-time."
        —Chris H., Eagle Rock, CA
  • "It was a lot of cash, $2,475, plus $650 pocket money just to spend."
        —Bert M., Boston, MA
  • "It was like a paid vacation. I got $975.00."
        —Tony W., San Francisco, CA
        —Charles S., Nashville, TN
  • "A serious source of income. Up to $10,000. It's a dream come true."
        —Lynn H., Milwaukee, WI
  • "Wow! I couldn't believe it. Receive up to $3,250."
        —William J., Philadelphia. PA
  • "Received over $120 a day. I recommend the experience to my friends."
        —Shirley M., Boulder, CO
        —Mike D., Anaheim, CA
  • "I do it for a living. Just minutes a week and the cash is great."
        —Roy H., Santa Rosa, CA

Thank you NRG! From the bottom of my heart, 2 two phone calls is all it took. One in marketing research paying $100 to watch 1 1/2 hour movie set, the second is for a pharmaceutical research company paying $1000 for about 3 to 5 days. Finding this is a dream com true! Getting paid to relax and even travel if I want. Money back guarantee, who needs it?! Wow!

    —Elias M., Miami, FL (unsolicited)

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